Note: There is no detailed update from KKM Melaka since 24/10/2020.
Infected 308 3
Recovered 270 275
Active 33 -2
Deaths 5 0
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Ranking District Total Active
1.Import Cases880
3.Melaka Tengah85 (+3)14
4.Alor Gajah4810


Drive-through vaccination centre expected to kick off at Melaka's Dewan Tun Ali next week


A drive-through vaccination centre is expected to begin operations next week at Dewan Tun Ali in Bukit Katil here. Melaka Health and Anti-Drugs Committee chairman Datuk Rahmad Mariman said the location is seen as suitable because it has the space for observation of those receiving their vaccine injections. "This is good news for the people of Melaka as the state government is working towards speeding up the vaccination process. "So far, Dewan Tun Ali is the most suitable because it has a relatively large parking space, with medical officers on hand to monitor (recipients' progress)," he said when met by reporters at the vaccination centre here Saturday (June 5).

Melaka Hospital ICU beds capacity reaches low level warning


The use of Covid-19 intensive care unit (ICU) beds at Melaka Hospital is nearing the warning level after 51 out of the 72 beds allocated have been occupied as of yesterday. State Health and Anti-Drug Committee chairman Datuk Rahmad Mariman said the situation forced additional ICU beds to be placed in regular wards as there are 145 patients, including non-Covid-19 patients, being treated at the ICU compared to its current capacity of 114. “This is not a simple matter as it requires special beds, equipment and many things require the proper setting. It is not comparable to a real ICU,” he told a media conference here today.

Health Dept identifying virus variant that infected Melaka teacher


The Melaka Health Department needs about two weeks to confirm the type of virus variant that infected a female teacher who died of Covid-19 on Wednesday. State Health director Datuk Dr Ismail Ali also rubbished claims that the teacher was infected with a new Covid-19 variant. He said the genomic surveillance of Covid-19 samples conducted by the Institute for Medical Research (IMR) was to identify and confirm the variant of the virus. “It is a complex process and takes two weeks,” he said in a statement here today. Therefore, he called on the people to stop spreading false news regarding the teacher’s death.
Source: Ministry of Health Malaysia